Hi, This is Ege.

For me, understanding the human element of a campaign is a four step process.

I’m a human-centered communications planner.


To me, media is powerful only when it's received by a person on the other end. In my media plans, I focus on activating content in a meaningful way, that would transform the audience and ultimately lead to brand growth. 



To really understand who I'll be talking to, I need to create a full picture of their

day-to-day life, more importantly their media habits. 


First I need to understand their mindset and their motivations in life. At this step, I work closely with creative strategists to learn from their findings. 



This is where communication happens. After understanding this audience's motivation and behavior, activation is where I deliver the campaign message. This is the actual media plan. 


When a comms message is delivered in a meaningful way, I expect it to have a substantial effect on the person.

This is when transformation happens. For me, it is the point when the target person can't unreceive it anymore.